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Our Mission Statement:
  1. To empower the victims of foreclosure through unity.
  2. To give foreclosure victims a venue and a strong voice.
  3. To illustrate and document the crimes being committed against these unfortunate families and provide a chronology to document patterns in practice that are imorally and illegally but commonly employed by lenders and their subcontractors
  4. To give legislators a tool to evaluate the need for legal reforms
  5. To provide a measuring device to see if, in fact, programs designed to help homeowners avoid foreclosure are helping actually homeowners
  6. To provide insight into what can be done to help
  7. To keep hard working, ethical American families in their homes
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"I'm mad as hell and I ain't gonna take it any more!" Foreclosure victims need to understand the law on a national and state level. Because most lawyers (not all) are fixated on getting rich, finding a foreclosure lawyer, getting foreclosure help and legal advice, getting a legal aid lawyer to help you get out of foreclosure, is all but impossible! Lots of phone calls and email will go unanswered when they discover that your case will not make them rich. Even solid legal information on foreclosure law, foreclosure resources, forclosure related forms, foreclosure relief strategies, foreclosure protection choices about how to avoid foreclosure are out there but hard to find. We are striving to offer foreclosure strategies and tips, a foreclosure blog, the real stories on loan modification, uncover foreclosure help scams, point out and name foreclosre help companies rippoffs and lawyer ripoffs. The sign painters are busy repainting signs on lawyer shingles and everyone is now a "foreclosure Expert"! Bankrutcy lawers try to convinsce every =one to claim bankruptcy. Rippoff lawyers ask you sell your wedding ring and sentimental value items and send them several thousand dollars in advance. If you have been searching for a empathetic foreclosure lawyer you know the score. We hope this resource will help Protect Foreclosure Victims, their Human Rights and keep the American Dream alive and strong. Dont give up. Give them hell! Let's yell out the window: "I'm mad as hell and I ain't gonna take it any more!"